Sunday, July 17, 2011

[four letter word]

today i was having a conversation with my friends kathy, keri, and angel about how while doing our best to protect our children, sad and painful things still can happen and often do. thankfully children are surprisingly tough and very forgiving. talking to then reminded me of suki's recent bath fear.

a few months ago adam and i used our bathtub to clean my backpack with a special soap designed for the material. around that time, suki suddenly developed a fear of the bath. she would shriek and cry and refuse to sit down. prior to this, she loved the bath; it was one of her favorite activities. so it seemed strange, but children change so often that we thought it was just a phase. we did not make the connection to the cleaner until adam decided to take a bath to show her that it was okay. after he got out, his skin was red and it burned with pain. we remembered washing the bag, and realized some of the tech cleaner must have still been in the tub. we felt horrible, of course, and cleaned the tub multiple times with suki friendly cleaner, but it still took her weeks before she was not afraid to sit down. now, thankfully, she is back to having fun in the bath, and she still loves us. it may take me a little longer to recover from feelings of guilt, however.

 feel free to share any horror stories. sometimes, hearing what other people have made it through gives some perspective and helps you feel better, being not the only one to accidentally drop or misplace or stab or burn or poison your infant child.

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