Thursday, July 14, 2011

eating outdoors

last week i made my first craigslist purchase. 

we had been trying to find a patio table and chair set for a while. eventually, we decided we would just make a table because we have a lot of herman miller shell chairs that make for nice outdoor seating. then, adam found a table on craigslist that was the perfect height for the chairs, and it did not look horrible. you would not believe the outdoor furniture being made these days: so ugly and expensive! we paid only $50 for this one, and now we can enjoy eating in the fresh air with a view of our massive weed garden of a back yard. we have had such a nice time eating outside, but it does make me a little stressed and overwhelmed looking at all the yard work we need to do. someday... 

savory cornmeal waffles with greens

csa salad and carrot top soup

here's to summer!

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