Sunday, July 24, 2011

visitors from another world

it was lovely to spend time with joe and brooke last week while they were visiting michigan. being in their presence makes me so happy- they have the best outlook on life. suki poured her mellon punch on brooke's lap, and they both loved it! i think they are going to be long time friends. brooke taught me to sew some years ago and continues to be one of the most inspiring people i know. she and joe live in nyc where joe is in school and brooke works making patterns and writing a beautiful fashion blog called 

and now we have more visitors from nyc staying with us. we are so happy to be with them! natalie and karis moved to nyc about one year ago, and grand rapids is not the same with out them. thankfully natalie has a wonderful food blog, the veganette, that helps us stay connected. i read it and pick up on little bits of what N & K are up to. it feels like we are still able to interact when we make the recipes natalie writes. i am looking forward to the guest post karis is getting ready for. 

we hope to visit nyc next spring to see our friends in their spaces. for now i am thankful for the bits of their lives shared through the blogs they write. 
keep up the great work ladies! 
i love you!