Sunday, November 13, 2011

admit one

this weekend we had suki's puppet show birthday party. a lot of her friends came to join the fun and celebrate suki.

we made pre puppet show vegan snack foods that included soft pretzels with mustard and sheese sauce, pigs in a blanket, grapes, sheese and crackers.

after everyone arrived and received their puppet show tokens, we prepared for the show. 

our friends marlee, and kate joined adam in making and performing "little silver hair and the three bears". each child could purchase a bag of popcorn for the showing with one of their tokens. then, after settling into the pillow piles in suki's room, the puppet show came to life from suki's closet. 

 it was by far the best reenactment of the three bears that i have heard, and the puppets were incredible. 

after the show we enjoyed vanilla milkshakes and sang happy birthday to suki. awhile later beedle sang her a whisper happy birthday- the sweetest toddler love. 

 her friends gave her a variety of fun gifts, and we made them bags of poppycock, jars of playdough, and mini pinatas (with a little help from oh happy day). 

after the kid friends went home to prepare for sleep, suki was able to spend some one on one fun style with her adult friends. kate (suki and kate have a special connection because they share a birthday!) brought her this lovely asparagus fern all the way from her home in detroit. she talked with suki about how to care for it. then, we said our goodnights. the remainder of us listened to suki sing herself to sleep with the happy birthday song. 

thank you to all of our friends for making this day special for our little suki su!

p.s. suki's party dress and plush bear brooch were made by me. the warm winter striped tights were by mp

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