Thursday, November 10, 2011

first snow day

we had a very happy day over here. it was our first snow fall of the winter season. adam and i have been busy getting everything around for suki's party this saturday. it is all coming together, and i think we might even have our bathroom finally finished before the party. i am keeping my fingers crossed. 

suki's cousin and aunt came to visit us. after a few games of hide and seek, we celebrated the snow fall with a cup of hot cocoa- complete with marshmallows!

after suki's nap i let her watch a moomin episode before we bundled up for some fun outdoor play. i hope the snow reaches you soon if it has not already. happy winter!


p.s. today suki bundled up for winter in beedle's pj top, sheen kidz pants, mp socks, peas and queues sweatshirt, makie hat, thrifted sorel boots, patagonia jacket, and mittens- she was toasty.