Sunday, November 6, 2011

a birthday day

suki's birthday highlights:
5a.m. wake up from suki ready to celebrate
first breakfast in bed- almond pancakes with banana and blueberries
drawing, stamping, and stickering in a new notebook
swimming in the bathtub 
birthday bear from beedle and hugs
candyland with matt and beedle
a lesson in card playing from anton and christian
 happy birthday sung by our church
first chocolate cake and ice cream

p.s. on suki's birthday she wore- niconico pj's, collegien slippers, niconico many moons long sleeve top, best green pants thrifted by tracy rose, rebe sweatshirt, wheat dress, zutano leggings, morgan&milo shoes. 


  1. So fun! Wish I was there. Happy birthday and love for Suki on her 2nd birthday!

  2. hillery- suki loved her birthday song. we listened to it about a dozen times yesterday. plus, a few more during lunch today. :)