Monday, November 28, 2011

visit from a friend

our dear friend nicole just came to visit us for the holiday weekend! it was such a treat to spend thanksgiving with her along with our grand rapids friends, at sarah's house (our thanksgiving tradition for the past seven years). in addition to our thanksgiving feast, we were able to spend many wonderful meals together, and since nicole has a passion for fine coffee, a highlight for me was the hour we had together drinking coffee at rowster. suki has not seen her auntie cole in over a year and was thrilled to have her here. she is still talking about about "wild rumpus" from when nicole read her where the wild things are. thankfully, nicole is the type of person who can find fun on her own when her hosts are tired and lazy. we had intended to all go to the little wings show, but by the end of the day, adam and i could not muster up the strength to make it out the door. nicole brought us back this tape! when i listen to the tape, and hear about nicole's adventures i feel like i did not miss thing. this was always our role when we were roommates. nicole has given me so many stories and souvenirs over the years of knowing her, and i am incredibly thankful. i hope someday to be less of an introvert so that i can experience one of her famous stories first hand.  

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