Sunday, November 20, 2011

hard times for koji dog

koji recently broke his foot. he usually goes on three walks around the neighborhood a day, and he enjoys time outside running in our backyard or at the dog park. now with his broken foot he has no time outside running, and he still gets his walks but only to the end of our street. he already seems sad because of this; then a couple days ago he had another traumatic day. he ate a bowl of raisins! adam had to induce vomiting then take him to the doctor where he had to eat a bunch of charcoal liquid. now he seems extra down in the dumps. we bought him extra treats and toys, and we have been giving him a lot of extra love. the poor little guy still seems so anxious! please keep him in your thoughts and prayers during the next two weeks of his recovery.


  1. I'm sending lots of love Koji's way! And, Lola sends him a big woof!