Monday, October 24, 2011

special delivery

today we received the most wonderful package of things from our dear friend tracy rose. i was happy to learn that tracy has been collecting thrift store treasures to accompany some of her handmade goods at her future esty shop. i will be sure to share with you all as soon as it opens. i am amazed at how talented this lady is at thrift store hunting. remember this dress and sweater she found for suki. i am excited to share images of suki wearing some of the goodies in this box. 

this package not only contained a new wardrobe for suki, but also a few other treats for the whole family. some prickly pear cactus jelly, and hot sauce from the desert where tracy lives.

a year of mornings from 3191 miles apart one of my favorite blogs!

more beautiful old books, stickers, a garden diary, a puppet, and a real letter!

tracy you are great and we love you!

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  1. hooray! so glad it arrived in one piece and that you are enjoying everything. thanks for all your kind words and love! XO