Thursday, October 27, 2011

luxury vegan treats

we are happy to be getting a visit from our aunt lynn tomorrow. we can't wait to show her our place, and for her to see our life here in michigan. today we received a seemingly never ending box of goodies from her. she is too nice!

to continue the day's theme of special treats, suki and i made this raw apple dip for our afternoon snack.


  1. i am looking forward to a cup of hot cocoa, WITH MARSHMALLOWS, on the day of our first snow fall.

  2. oooh, do where I can get(order) the vegan butterscotch chips? I have been looking all over for some Lol.

  3. Erika, Cohen and i made this dip for a treat today. We both really loved it! Thank you for sharing and introducing me to a great blog too.
    Take care!

  4. carrie- i am glad you tried it! we should make this again, too. we just got a bunch of apples from the farmers market. agnes has been asking about cohen. can we meet soon for a meal and play time?