Sunday, January 15, 2012


i first found these gauze produce bags at a wonderful little festival my friend marlee created called sassfest. they were my favorite thing that night, and i was delighted to learn they were made by a blogger friend i had not before met in person. her name is emily helmus, she is a fiber artist, homemaker, blog writer, and a sweet person. 

i recently picked up a stack of these lovely produce bags, and would love to share a set with one lucky reader! emily hand dyes the bags with natural dyes made from blueberries, onion skin, avocado skin, and turmeric. they are not only beautiful, but they feel nice, and fold down small to fit in your bag. if you would like to order produce bags for your self email emilyhelmus(at)gmail(dot)com

enter to win a set of produce bags by:
1. signing up to be a follower of KOTOA
2. leave a comment with the veggie you eat the most of during winter months

good luck, and don't forget to visit emily!

giveaway closes monday, january 23.

CONGRATULATIONS, NRG! you won this giveaway!


  1. I am already a follower of Kotoa. :)

    1. I enjoy tubers, especially in the winter months. Potatoes, to be exact. Any kind.

  2. These are so great. I can't resist natural dyes - they're so beautiful. I'll have to get some if I don't magically win, as they are lovely. Beets all the way in the winter time. Beets all the way!

  3. I was an unofficial follower...but now I'm official! I've been loving sweet potatoes this winter. What lovely bags!

  4. Give me yams! Lots of yams!

  5. I'm finally an official follower! Sweet potatoes are hands down my favorite winter veggie !

  6. Replies
    1. yes- we freeze it all summer, then eat it everyday during winter. yum!

  7. How could I choose just one? Winter veggies are magic! Squashes and roots and thick green leaves forever.

  8. a lot of sweet potato fans out there! i am getting ready to make this recipe for dinner (sweet potato falafel).