Sunday, January 15, 2012

help from the village

starting a few days before christmas suki came down with a cold and a horrible cough. she was miserable- she did not even have interest in opening presents christmas day! soon after i was sick with a cold, then adam came down with an awful stomach bug that lasted over a week. we were feeling so down in the dumps. adam's sickness caused him to miss the cabin time experience, and he was sad sad sad. since adam, and i were sick and looking after each other we were not much fun for suki after she was feeling better. she was constantly talking about how all of her stuffed animals were "having a hard time", "needing a docor", or just "sick". it was a sad few weeks, but thankfully we learned during that dark time how wonderful our community is. we had family, friends, and people from our church family offering to walk koji (our dog), make us meals, and spend time with suki. it was incredible to see the difference in suki after she had spent time over at a friends house, or after a friend came to take her exploring outside, or a friend came to play, and have dance party time. 

thank you to everyone who helped us through that hard time- i am not sure we would have survived with out you. 

some of these ideas came in handy during the moments we were on our own and feeling under the weather. 


  1. Andrew and I loved having your sweet little girl over for a visit...anytime! (But we don't want you to be sick next time!)