Monday, January 2, 2012

time to bundle

our first semi-real snowfall finally came. we have been waiting for this day for months now. i hope the snow continues to pile up; we really need it. suki was happy to get out all of her winter gear, and bundle up for her first ride on the new sled her nana and papa gave her for her birthday. adam and suki walked over to the nearby park to meet up with friends dave and cohen, where they made snow angels, a mini snowman, and ran around together. we then celebrated the snow with a cup of hot cocoa and marshmallows

winter is our favorite season,and we are so happy it has finally arrived. 

p.s. today suki kept warm while out in the snow wearing: two layers of tights by zutano and mp, rebe thermal top, florence eiseman sweater dress, knit scarf made by her UBsorel boots, patagonia hat, mittens, and jacket. toasty! 

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