Sunday, January 8, 2012


yesterday, for no reason at all, i gave suki a small bowl of adam's homemade vegan ice cream. she was thrilled! she commented after every bite about the bowl being only for her. although the portion size was small (the amount shown in the picture was about as much as i gave her), and as happy as she was to have it, she did not finish it! it seems she is sensitive to sweet tastes even though she can eat a lot of very flavorful foods. she loves spices, garlic, pickles, etc. but i have noticed that when she eats sweet things, she takes a LONG time and usually does not finish it. michael pollen claims sweetness to be a basic human desire. hmmmm.... really?

these are some of suki's favorite (no processed sugar) snacks-
dried fruit
rice cakes
olives with vegan cheese and crackers
toast with pb
toast with earth balance
YOGURT (soy or almond)
peanut butter and apple slices
fresh fruit
cucumbers and carrots with hummus
baked apples with vegan yogurt
frozen berries

i am excited to be making this special treat for her this week- can't wait!

do you have a favorite simple & healthy kid friendly snack?


  1. Cohen really likes frozen baby peas, little pieces of raw cashews and sesame sticks. We have a hard time finding special treats that don't have sugar. Cohen totally loses his little mind (and body) when he has it. One of the brands of coconut milk ice cream at Harvest Health is sweetened with brown rice syrup and it doesn't seem to have such a bad affect.
    Love the homemade cracker idea, Erika!

    1. sesame sticks are adam's favorite. he just found a recipe, and i am excited to try it out. do you make your own? i wonder if it is worth the trouble or not. i made the crackers, and i think they did not want to be a snack for suki. i will have to share the story sometime- it's a funny one. :)

  2. I have no little ones around but enjoy a cup of miso soup or just miso broth for a snack.

    After consuming no white sugar for several months, and then taking a break for the holidays, I found that the same baked goods I used to eat all the time were now too sweet! As far as chocolate went, 100% baker's chocolate no longer tasted bitter! Unprocessed sweeteners are the way to go.

  3. miso soup is a favorite of suki's. if we have not had it in a few days she will start asking for it. i should have had that on the list. so interesting about the chocolate!