Wednesday, October 26, 2011

bedtime rituals

what does bedtime look like at your house? do you have a favorite evening activity?
suki has been enjoying her quiet activities after dinner, and she is sleeping so well these days. finally!
usually our evening looks something like this:
on bath nights we start there, with a lot of bath toy fun and the emergency towel close by for hair washing. then it is massage, pj, and tooth brushing time. after that we put the kettle on for a cup of hot tea. suki likes this tea or a loose tea we get at global infusions called fairy tale blend. we then read books while she is drinking her tea. after books we nurse and sing two songs. then she jumps in bed to join her sixteen friends, notebook, and nightlight. we must say goodnight to each friend then she says "bon nuit"- it is too cute! 


  1. i would very much like this bedtime schedule with all things involved. i'm coming over.

  2. me too. scootch over brookie, there's room for both of us on that futon! this sounds like the stuff of good dreams!

  3. you are both welcome for a sleep over any time!