Tuesday, October 11, 2011

happy news

thank you everyone for the prayers, kind words, loving thoughts, and all of your help the past few days. i just found out that i am in the clear with my back breaks. i am back on my feet, holding my girl, and working to get ready for the halloween festivities and suki's second birthday. the good news from the neurosurgeon meeting was that my broken bones have not caused any nerve damage and there is no risk of this causing any spinal cord injuries. now, after a little physical therapy, i hope to be free of pain. 

 i spent most of the day working on suki's party dress. this picture was of the first fitting. she was running away from me every time i tried to take it off of her. then she sang happy birthday to herself. i hope she likes it as much the day of the party as she liked it today.

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