Friday, October 7, 2011


hello folks! it seems i have been slacking on the giveaway posts the past couple months. therefore, i have decided to make this one extra special. this week, we are giving away black clock bracelets to two lucky readers. they will fit the wrist of a child or a small adult wrist. if you don't win, look for these later this month at the specks and keepings shop. you can enter this giveaway one of three ways:
1. become a follower of this blog
2. if you are already a follower leave a comment telling me whether you are a punctual person or constantly running for the door
3. tweet about this giveaway and mention @kotoamade

please enter by monday 10am monday october tenth.


  1. I'm on time for everything - except church.

  2. about 49% punctual... I should try harder to on time... :)