Monday, October 31, 2011

halloween day pt.2

after nap time, we got our halloween treats ready. adam picked up a few supplies from the local hardware store- garage sale stickers, paint brushes, pipe cleaners, notebooks, and paperclip chains. we then got ourselves ready for a fun outing to the bookstore, with a detour to the post office downtown to pick up a package that contained this sweater for suki. we waited in line for a half hour to be told we needed to be in another line- a line that was at a window which currently was closed. the one lady working the counter had to go in the back to find some one to open the window i should have been waiting at! 

suki and i worked up an appetite waiting in line, so i thought it would be fun to take her out for an unhealthy treat since she will not be eating halloween candy. i brought her to a fun hotdog joint called jonny b'z to try her first french fry, or so i thought. i was a bit taken aback when we walked in the door and she yelled out "jonny b'z!", but i thought she may have known the place since it is next to the coffee shop she frequents. then, we brought the fries to the table and she said "french fries hot. blow on them." i then asked her if she had been to jonny bz before and she said "yeah! abba (adam) goes there". busted, adam! 

after our french fries we finally made it to the bookstore. we made wishes in the koi pond and found a book we discovered at the library. it is called ice. suki also brought home a new guinea pig friend. 

p.s. suki wears a handmade bow, rebe thermal, tracy rose jumper, toto knits monkey sweater, moomin tights, and wee squeak boots.  

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  1. i feel like suki is channeling michael jackson in that first photo.