Sunday, October 9, 2011

home vacation

while on vacation i made a very long list of projects to start for fall and winter. i made a schedule for myself to keep on track, and was excited to start using my planner for the first time since suki was born. of course, the day i started using my planner was the day i discovered my back is broken. i am now planning to be still and take it easy until i am healed. generally, i have a difficult time letting myself do relaxing things and taking the time to be still. i suppose in someways a broken back can be a blessing- i will now have plenty of time to read and rest. after this vacation is over i will be more productive and hopefully free of pain. thanks to laura, kathy, and adam i have a big stack of books waiting on my bedside table. i am also borrowing a few parenting books from my friend rachael- an amazing mother to one of the sweetest girls i have ever met. adam ordered me this one too! 


  1. hey kidd. sorry your back is out of whack. among your many lie low activities, please include washcloth presses on closed eyes for several moments, open eyes at light, then re-close easily and ENJOY A NATURAL LIGHTSHOW IN THE SPACE OF YOUR OWN HEADVISION!

  2. brooke- best blog comment! thank you for the recommendation.