Sunday, October 23, 2011


yesterday was warm and sunny; it was a perfect day for celebrating our friend M at his third birthday party. his beautiful mother, nfc, is great at making parties feel casual and relaxed while still feeling very special and thoughtful. we drank cider and ate carrot cupcakes. the kids colored pumpkins, rode on tricycles, played with toys, and had a blast running down the side walk.

M is the most athletic kid i have ever known. i remember watching him dribble a basketball on the day i met him, and i was amazed that a toddler could master such a skill. yesterday, i was watching him kick a soccer ball like you would not believe- i was blown away once again! 

you may recognize suki's party dress from last year's halloween costume. i am glad she was able to get another wear out of it for a special occasion. suki also left the party with some new fall accessories- a beautiful no tie scarf nfc made, and a pair of striped mittens! (see the party favors in the second photo) i loved the way they looked hanging together. great idea nicole! what a fun day!


  1. thanks erika! you are so sweet and I am so thank-full that you and suki came. M really likes the book you got him. see you soon!