Monday, October 31, 2011

halloween day pt.3

adam was finishing up dinner when we got home. then, he had to rush to get his costume together and leave for work. we were sad he was not able to pass out candy, but even more sad we did not get pictures of his great costume before he left the house. he was spirit dreams, a local shop that sells crystals, dream catchers, incense, etc. i let him borrow one of my rrunaway necklaces, and i was happy that i could contribute to his best halloween costume to date. suki and i put on some ghostly sounds and got pumped up for the "treaters". 

our dinner was still in the oven and i had to keep checking on it because i was afraid it would burn but it ended up taking about an hour longer than expected. suki was my look out while i was checking the oven. it was funny the way she stood by the door and called out "mama, treaters!" when people were walking up. we thought our treats were fun but sadly they did not go over very well. we only got one good review from our neighbor girl C she said "oooo.. i love to write in notebooks!" most of the kids looked at suki's little hand with a puzzled look or said something like "that's not candy." i hope they don't come back with a trick for us. the best reaction was from our teenage neighbor girl, who is quite a character. she was dressed as chain and the gang, and suki placed a pipe cleaner in her bag. then, as she was still blocking the entryway, and other kids were waiting behind her to get their treat, she pulled it back out of the bag and said "what is THIS thing! do you have any candy?"

 our real scary moment of night was when koji escaped, and went running down the street. i went running after him saying "stop that dog!" after he was caught i was walking/running home in a panic because i realized i left suki alone in the house with the door unlocked and scary costumed people at the door! after we gave away our last paperclip chain, we ate our dinner of savory bread pudding with blue sheese, roasted parsnips, and caramelized leeks. what a day! happy halloween, friends!

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  1. phew! i was holding my breath for that scary koji story. and those are some great treats!