Friday, October 14, 2011

helping hands

i have been taking photos of things suki makes with her caregivers. the hand leaves on the door in the top photo were made with my mom, who watches her on friday. the collaborative drawing in the bottom photo was made with her tuesday caregiver, a sweet woman named sarah. of course i love everything suki makes, and i try to make use of all her creations. i have different places around the house to display a rotations of my favorites. it is difficult to know how much to save; i have a good size pile that i intend on putting in a book, but it is impossible to keep everythingl. i decided i will take photos of the ones that are hard to let go of but do not quite make the cut for the book. 

fellow parents, how much of your child's artwork do you save? 
what is your archiving process?
do you have things you made when you were young?


  1. you and my mother should chat. she archives by children in large plastic bins. fotos, artwork, and letters. just this birthday, 30, she has started passing those onto me now. it makes good sense.

    your idea of fotografing them is clever.

  2. happy 30th bd brooke! i guess thirty is the year for the giant tub of memories- my mother recently delivered mine as well. funny!